Balancing Act

Repainted my OGS Intelligent Position Switch

I have to admit, my OGS Intelligent Position Switch has seen better days. In its early days, it was nice, silver and shiny. After 3 years of use, the shiny silver wore off and a hue of black can be seen peeking out along the impressions where each button lie. The black hue underneath the once shiny silver is the black paint that was painted on the plastic to shield it from the bright LED lights; the entire cover is translucent plastic.  To give it new life, I sprayed the entire top cover with black semi-gloss paint, the same paint I used to black out the headlights.

Custom painted OGS Intelligent Position Switch; semi-gloss black

The new paint job gave the aging OGS Intelligent Position Switch a new breath of life and also looks great. For a further customized paint job, you can sand off the area where the "OGS" logo is imprinted, place a small stencil (mini vinyl decal works fantastic for this application) and paint over it. Your new custom logo will now take the place of the OGS logo when you switch on the Prius, causing IPS to flash through all the colors. I omitted this step because it was 100 degrees outside and I did not have time nor the logo in hand to make the custom imprint. But to give you an idea, I was aiming for the Triforce logo from the Legend of Zelda.

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