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Waxing the Tucson

With the weather finally starting to cool down for Fall season I am able to do more outdoor projects without risk of getting heat exhaustion. For one, I will be able to resume the repair of our front lawn and for the first time ever, wax the Tucson with Carnauba car wax. The last time I’ve waxed a car was my 2005 Acura RSX Type S and that was over a decade ago. I only waxed it once because the process was painstaking and buffing out the wax was equally a royal pain in the butt.

With the weather cooled, I parked the Tucson inside our garage and applied

. Following the direction, I worked on one section at a time, i.e. fender, hood, bumper, rear quarter panel, hatch and roof. If the surface area is too large, I split the job in half, which I did for the roof, the hood and front bumper. I used two .

The entire wax job took about an hour and a half of manual labor and I did wash the car the day before. The result is a showroom shine:

The wax was easy to apply and easy to buff out. It hazed up within a minute or two. Unlike wax I’ve used in the past, the haze was easy to remove with a polishing/buffing cloth. It simply wipes right off.

I will be using

for our monthly car wash, to maintain the wax and shine in-between wax jobs, four times a year, once every three months.

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