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Custom aquatic turtle wet / dry filter schematic

I’ve taken a few minutes of my spare time to dissect grifloki’s (see previous entry) custom wet / dry filter build and constructed a diagram of the diassembled filtration system and identified its components. This is for those who want to build a similar system. I modified the filtration elements to include two lighting grates that sandwiches a custom polyester…

Some research, some rough sketch of the future red-eared slider vivarium

I’ve done some more indepth research on custom sumps and wet/dry filter setups and designs through various aquarium hobbyist and reef keepers’ web sites. I’ve gained a lot of valuable knowledge while researching and then I came acrossgrifloki’s YouTube channel where he demonstrates a fully customized turtle tank using the mechanics I’ve described. After reviewing grifloki’s video and researching various sump…