Balancing Act

About this Site :o

I’m a photographer. I photograph stuff. I’m a sojourner. I sojourn through roads less traveled. In all seriousness, this is my personal virtual abode where I unload random thoughts that crosses my mind and requires a storage space to log the details.

A lot of readers of my site find the DIY guides I have written for the Acura RSX and Toyota Prius useful, so I’ll keep them up as long as this site is up and write new tech articles for as long as I own the vehicle (and write articles for vehicles I’ll subsequently own). The sole purpose is to share knowledge and help others out. Gone are the days where people would withhold information, source and part numbers just to be “unique” or “one-off”. I encourage everyone to do the same and share the knowledge.

Other things I write about include tech tutorials on topics that I think many may find useful, traveling and dining. I may, in the future when I have available time, split the blog into two or three individual blogs where each focus on one specialized┬átopic. As of now, it’s a mash-up of photography, travel, cars, reviews/diy and tech articles.

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