Balancing Act

Travel plans for 2011 and 2012

It’s been a while since I went on a long vacation or an extended detour. The last trip I’ve been on was my one-week sojourn to the northern-most part of California. This year, my travel plan includes a two week vacation to the Philippines with my significant other from December 19th through January 2nd. We’ll be visiting her family and explore the main island of Luzon and Manila City and its surrounding areas during our first week. On the second week, our itinerary includes island hopping to Boracay and then Palawan. By then, I will have the┬áCanon 70-200mm f/2.8L EF IS II Telephoto Zoom Lens in my possession with plenty of practice. I’m looking forward to the street food adventure I’ll be going on, trying different foods, experiencing a different culture and just the great opportunity to take great photos.

On the domestic side, I’m planning on another northern California excursion again next year, back to Shelter Cove. Possibly around late spring or mid-fall, depending on available time. This time I will not be traveling solo.

EDIT 8/5/11: Change of plans. I will not be traveling oversea to the Philippines this year. Instead, I am going to sojourn up to Northern California, like I did back in December 2009 – this time I will be well prepared :).

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