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Acura RSX inner fender liner has the tendency to detach at high speed

While cruising at approximately 80 mph on the 60-west heading towards Los Angeles, I heard a strange whirling sound. The sound sounded like an object obscuring air flow at high speed, then after a minute, a loud crunch like I ran over a muffler. When I pulled over to examine what has happened, everything look okay, until I see my passenger-side side marker light dangling from its hole, then I looked down and saw the front end of my A-Spec underbody side skirt bent outwards. Upon closer inspection, I realize that the passenger-side inner fender liner was completely ripped off and pulled the fender outward as it drag for a few second on the freeway before completely separating from the car.

The damage was minimal, except for the part where the side skirt screws onto the fender liner. The force was so strong it bent the metal support bracket out of place and unaligned the fender from the door. All the screws and tabs were still in-tact, ironically.



A few push and pull brought the fender and side skirt back to alignment. When I searched for RSX fender liner being blown off at high speed, I was surprised to see that this is not so uncommon – and it is not strictly exclusive to the RSX. Other Acura cars fall victim to this. I’m guessing that this happened because I was missing the lower frontend screw that secures the liner onto the front bumper and the lower flap disengaged from the front bumper from bumps and potholes, and finally dragged by the high air flow causing it to be pushed out.

If you come across this problem and need to replace your inner fender liner, the part numbers:

Right fender liner: 74100-S6M-J00

Left fender liner: 74150-S6M-J00

They sell for about $65.00 internet dealer price, but you can order them for as low as $24.00 with free shipping through aftermarket sources. Don’t forget to order clips and screws if they went missing.

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