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DIY: Acura RSX DIY guides in downloadable and printable PDF format

After rummaging through archives spanning back to 2005, I was able to salvage a couple of PDFs of DIY guides I’ve written for the RSX. I was also able to locate a couple of hi-res photos of the DIY write-up, which I will convert to entries subsequently. I’ve just been extremely busy to get caught up with converting these old guides into new entries, especially since I no longer own an RSX. Here’s what I’ve found so far but expect more to come:

These guides are pretty old so keep that in mind while you read through them. Be sure to message me or post your comments and/or question if anything doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Enjoy.

14 thoughts on “DIY: Acura RSX DIY guides in downloadable and printable PDF format

  1. Chris

    Hey what’s up!
    I recently followed your DIY for fog lights and the lights don’t turn on…

    I didn’t quite get what you meant by “Attach the fuse label (20A) to the switch harness fuse case and plug in the 20 amp yellow blade fuse into the fuse holder”?

    And also which way does the “terminal connector from the switch harness”go? I couldn’t tell which way it was?


    1. Steve Post author

      The instructions were written for the OEM fog light kit by Acura. Are you installing the OEM fog light kit by Acura, or aftermarket/eBay kit?

  2. Kevin

    Hi do you happen to have the pictures for aspec rear installation? I can’t seem to figure out which bolt goes in which hole. Thanks

  3. Vinny

    Hey, is there anyway that I can get in contact with you about some questions that I have for the High Wing/Mini Deck Lid install? This is ruining my life!!!

    1. Steve Post author

      Unfortunately, those two DIY’s are not converted into PDF. I still have the install pics so I’ll convert them into online readable format eventually.

      1. Brian

        I look forward to using them, as I just purchased a complete lip kit. I was hoping to use your DIY as a helpful guide. Hope to see them up soon. And thank you for the pictures of everything you’ve captured as well.

  4. Anonymous

    Your guides are some of the most detailed and professional write ups out there. Thank you for taking the time to write them and make them available to fellow enthusiats! Much appreciated!

      1. Areli

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