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Review: Boomer & George Log Cabin Dog House (for a Red Foot and Sulcata Tortoises)

After spending countless hours reviewing dog houses to purchase as an outdoor shelter for our Red Foot and Sulcata Tortoises, I’ve narrowed it down to Boomer & George Log Cabin Dog House vs. Precision Extreme Outdoor Dog House. I decided against the Precision dog house and purchased the Boomer & George dog house because it is made of wood and because the appearance appeal to the design of the patio and appears more “rugged”.

The dog house was not purchased for a dog but for a 25 lb. “mini-bulldozer” adult Sulcata tortoise and a 10 lb Red Foot tortoise. If you are familiar with Sulcatas, they are very friendly and curious creatures and are rough housers, rampaging through anything that gets in their way. Suffice to say, the tortoises made themselves at home almost immediately after putting the dog house to use and as rough as they are, the dog house is sturdy enough, heavy enough and strong enough to keep stationary while providing a sense of security for the tortoises to enjoy.

When removing the pieces out of the shipping box for the very first time, they feel very flimsy and I initially thought it wouldn’t take the abuse of the tortoises. However, after everything is assembled, it is clear that the B&G dog house is quality stuff built to withstand the weather and designed to last. I like how the roof is hinged and can be lifted for easy clean-up and the floor board, comprising of 3 individual pieces, can be removed for cleaning. Assembly shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes with manual labor but it took me about 45 minutes because the tortoises wouldn’t leave me or the dog house parts alone during the assembly process!

Morty the Sulcata Tortoise investigating his new Boomer & George Log Cabin Dog House

Morty the Sulcata Tortoise investigating his new Boomer & George Log Cabin Dog House

The size of the Boomer & George Cabin Dog House I ordered was “medium”. There are three sizes available, Small, Medium and Large. For now, the medium size is sufficient.

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