Balancing Act

UPDATE: 2012+ 3rd gen Prius grille blocking strategy

I last gassed up on April 1st, 2013 – making this my 3rd gas-up in 2013. So after nearly 2 months since I started the grille blocking strategy research, I think I have viable data to share. For one, I’ve gained an average of 4.5 mpg increase in my 4.7 mile commute. This is significant considering the cost of the mod versus the results. This also explained how I was able to survive on just a full tank of gas in over a 9 week span (last gas-up before the start of this trial was February 1st). The average smoothed out MPG for a 4.7 mile commute in a 7 week test trial is 48.0 MPG. I stuck with the 67% front grille blockage and did not increase the blocking area. Am I happy with the results? Heck yes I am. Unfortunately since the weather is warming up, I am not going to test the 90-100% blockage. Matter of fact, I’m going to remove the grille block entirely.

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