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First year anniversary of Prius ownership

15,000 miles in exactly 1 year

15,000 miles in exactly 1 year

A year ago today, I drove my 2012 Toyota Prius Four home. In a year, I’ve clocked exactly 15,000 miles, gassed up 36 times and spent a collective $1,241.22 in gas. That’s a savings of $1,559.00 vs. the 2005 Acura RSX Type S. Of the 15,000 miles driven, 65% of it were spent on road trips while 35% were spent primarily for commuting. As for insurance, I saved $1,100 vs. the 2005 Acura RSX Type S.

Putting this into perspective, having both cars paid off, the lady and I are saving close to $10,000 collectively a year in fuel, gas and service for relinquishing our sport compact tuners for Prius hybrids. That’s a good size chunk of change going into our new house buying nest egg.

Any cars we are planning to add (eyeing the Prius V) or replace in the future will be in the form of a plug-in hybrid or fuel-cell (paying close attention to the Toyota FCV-R).

Economically, it just simply makes sense for us, contrary to many hybrid vs. conventional ICE vehicle cost of ownership or ROI analysis. Ideologically, we’re playing our parts to wean the country from foreign oil dependency.  And finally a distant third, being environmentally conscientious.

I took my Prius to DCH Toyota of Torrance to get my 15,000 mile factory recommended maintenance. At the service center, I received a complimentary synthetic oil and filter change, even though I just got the oil and filter changed at the 10,000 mile mark and the next oil and filter change is not scheduled until the 20,000 mile mark under Toyota Care. This was for using their service department for the first time. Service concluded with a free car wash. My service advisor is Tammy Wallace, great personality and service in every way. Will definitely return to DCH Toyota of Torrance for sure!

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