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Prius DIY’s in the pipeline

I have a couple of Prius DIY’s in the pipeline for release:

  • Black-out head lights
  • How to install JDM center lower console lid kit
  • How to install JDM door handle and beverage pocket LED kit
  • How to install JDM interior illumination kit
  • How to install JDM cabin ion plasma LED cluster kit

I’ll start with blacking out the headlights since my donor headlights arrived (picked up a pair of used 3rd gen Prius headlights for $125 a pair) and it’s something I’ve been putting off for a while. For this DIY, I will illustrate my method of selective painting, meaning I didn’t just go gung-ho and indiscriminately paint the entire chrome bezel black, including pre-painting PhotoShop to preview what the outcome may look like. The paint use is just as important and I will get into more details on that in the DIY.

Subsequent DIYs will include installation of various interior JDM Toyota parts as mentioned above. I think that should cover all the DIY’s for the rest of this year. I haven’t had the time to update the Prius JDM part numbers list, so I’ll resume that as soon as I can. If you need a part number for a specific item, just send me a message using the contact form or just post a comment for the mean time.

I probably won’t be able to catch up with the rest of the DIY’s until September since we’re taking a road trip down to Las Vegas this weekend, followed by Twentynine Palms next weekend.

One thought on “Prius DIY’s in the pipeline

  1. Rob

    I would love to see a wiring diagram for a 3rd generation Prius 4. I want to install led lighting on the interior of the car. I would light to be able to switch the lights on and off while the car is on, but as a safety precaution I would like the lights to turn off when the car is turned off. preferably through the dome timer. Any help would be appreciated.

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