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NGJ10/KGJ10 Scion iQ mirror covers and turn signals fit Prius

It turns out that the USDM Scion iQ shares the same mirror covers as the JDM Toyota ZVW30 Prius (and Prius ν).


Which means that if 3rd generation ZVW30 Prius or Prius ν owners want integrated turn signals on their side mirrors but don’t care for power folding function or 3-in-1 combo LED light features, they can order the LH and RH outer mirror cover assemblies and turn signal lens from the Scion iQ from their local or favorite online Toyota dealership. Adding these integrated turn signals will obviously involve wiring them to your turn signal wire at the junction box (for location of said wires, review DIY: How to install JDM Prius power folding side mirrors).

  • 87945-74010-P0 – Scion iQ, Mirror Cover LH
  • 87915-74010-P0 – Scion iQ, Mirror Cover RH
  • 81740-52040 – Scion iQ, Signal Lamp LH
  • 81730-52090 – Scion iQ, Signal Lamp RH

The price for the Scion iQ mirror cover are US$44.19 while the price of the signal lamp is US$22.37. Prices are quoted on 9/23/13 from Toyota Parts Zone.

Installation shouldn’t deviate too far from the instructions on installing power folding mirrors on the 3rd generation Prius. However, since the iQ already has integrated mirror turn signals, like the Prius c, there is no need to wire up an aftermarket 3-in-1 welcome winker LED lights (unless you want the welcome light and parking light features). The installation involves as little as swapping out the mirror covers, installing the lens onto the Prius / Prius ν mirror housings and wiring up the two new wires (ground and power) from the turn signal lamps.

Power Folding Side Mirrors for Scion iQ

Currently researching the feasibility of incorporating power folding hinges from Toyota Prius/Wish into Scion iQ and exploring if Scion iQ owners can enjoy power folding mirrors using the kit sold by Top Sage International.

EDIT: For Scion iQ owners who want JDM power folding side mirrors, I have great news to share. The set up of the Scion iQ door mirror assemblies are exactly like that of the Prius (and JDM Toyota Wish). The switch is identical to the non-illuminated Prius C and 2010-2011 3rd gen Prius. This means that iQ owners can buy the pre-made kit by Top Sage International, follow my DIY instructions using the diagram I’ve drawn out for the 2010-2011 3rd gen Prius and have the folding mirrors functioning within less than a day. Much better than sourcing out the parts individually! This also means that Scion iQ owners can swap out their side mirror-integrated turn signals for the 3-in-1 LED welcome winkers (turn signals, parking and welcome lights) as well as mod their non-illuminated mirror control switch to the variety of illuminated mirror control switch that works on the Prius.

For more information on how to do it yourself and source, consult my article on the topic: DIY: How to install JDM Prius power folding side mirrors

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