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1st week MPG update: From the Inland Empire to the South Bay

Today marks the completion of one week’s worth of commute from the Inland Empire to the South Bay and I must say that while there is definitely a traffic jam to and from, it is not nearly as bad as I’ve anticipated. I have co-workers that commute from Diamond Bar and the commute takes 2-2.5 hours. Also have an acquaintance that commutes to the South Bay all the way from Palmdale and I think that is just plain nuts. I think my maximum threshold and commute tolerance is 60 miles each way.

During the one week commute trial, I’ve located a few alternate route that takes me home or to work faster and the Waze crowd-sourced traffic/navigation app definitely came in handy during some moments.


I was able to join the 70 MPG club on the first week – for the MPG purests, yeah, I know. The MPG indicator on the Prius is off by 1-2 MPG. I also log my fuel-ups on Fuelly. As long as the Prius is telling me I am hitting the 70 MPG mark, I am content.

The trip is 50 miles during rush hour traffic and lasts about 1.5 hours. I’ve been able to effectively pulse and glide (still getting used to it) on the freeway during down hill driving or cruising through relatively flat pavements. I’m referring to the “real” pulse and glide technique, where you tap the gas  pedal ever so gently so that the engine arrows disappear.

I can glide for 0.3 to 1.2 mile at time at various spots on the SR-91 before pulsing. I’m going to gradually try to master this difficult technique and slowly kick my fuel efficiency up a notch to 75 MPG, with the ultimate goal of close to hitting 80 MPG.

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  1. MaTaLa

    Just found your blog perusing RSX topics and had to laugh that I, too, have a RSX-S and a Prius. Best of both worlds.

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