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Articles pertaining to Toyota’s Prius C (aka Toyota Aqua).

RECARO Performance Coupe Infant Car Seat In a 2012 Prius, Prius c

When we found out my wife was pregnant in February 2016, we started baby planning. The first big ticket baby item we purchased was our . As a matter of fact, we ordered¬†the set exactly one week after we learned about the pregnancy. A major driving force¬†was the value, the brand reputation of RECARO and that it was also on…

2012 Summer Rain Prius C Four

This past weekend has been a long busy weekend. We spent most of Saturday car shopping. Ten hours were spent between two dealerships. As of this weekend, my girlfriend is an official Prius C owner – making us both proud hybrid driving Prius owners! We didn’t pick up the C from my previous dealer, due to an experience that went…