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DIY: How to add daytime running lights (DRL) to a 2010-2011 Prius

Here’s another mod I’ve performed on the Prius, specifically useful for 2010-2011 3rd gen Prius owners, that’s a spin-off from a past project done on the Acura RSX. I started this mod some time in early May, but got side tracked with the JDM Prius power folding side mirror project and then became inundated with projects at work, causing me to further delay…

DIY: How to add daytime running lights (DRL) to your RSX

This DIY mod has been updated, simplified and ported to 2010-2014 Toyota Prius. For updated instructions, read   Ever wanted daytime running lights on your USDM Acura RSX, but can’t seem to find any do-it-yourself articles to execute the installation? Most newer cars have DRLs installed at the factory. The added visibility during the day without compromising instrument visibility…