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DIY: How to install Acura OEM A-Spec front underbody spoiler (aka front lip) on your 2005-2006 RSX

This is part three of a three part install series. Allow up to an hour and 45 minutes to complete this install. If you have an assistant, it will take you approximately one hour with all the right tools. Before we proceed with the install, let’s make sure that all the parts are received:

7 stepped bolts

7 flanged nuts

4 self tapping screws

4 spring nuts

1 front under spoiler

I. Removing the bumperĀ 

For added stability, I installed the four self-tapping screws onto the right and left end of the front bumper. With the bumper still on the car, securing the screws onto the dimple is much easier. Careful not to screw through the fender liners:

Remove the front bumper by opening the hood and popping out 6 clips along the top part of the honeycomb grill:

Then unscrew a total of four screws beneath the bumper (2 near the right wheel and 2 near the left wheel):

Unbolt a total of two screws, one at the corner of each headlight where the fender meets the front bumper. Use a philips screwdriver to remove this screw:

Pop off an additional 6 clips beneath the bumper, similar to the clips you’ve removed at the top of the honeycomb grill:

Gently pull the front bumper towards you, starting with the right headlight area, followed by the right headlight area. Be careful not to chip the paint:

If you have fog lights installed, it is now time to disconnect them. Set the bumper aside on a protected surface:

II. Installing the front under spoiler

This install calls for an absolutely clean bumper. Since the front under spoiler will secure onto the front bumper with the help of double sided tape, there is no room for floating debris. I recommend giving your car a thorough front wash before proceeding.

Flip your bumper over and look for 7 dimples along the outer rim of the bottom of the bumper:

Drill through these dimples with a 5mm bit. You want to drill at the bottom center of the dimples:

Followed by a 10mm bit:

Next, use a paint cleaner to clean the surface of the bumper. I used Meguiar’s paint cleaner. Using a terry cloth, squeeze a dab of the cleaner and scrub the surface of the front bumper where the double sided tape from the front under spoiler will make contact. Once you are done scrubbing, wipe the cleaned surface with a new towel or a clean part of the towel. Do this to all the contact points on the bumper:

The reason you need to clean the bumper with a paint cleaner is because your bumper is in the front line of picking up all kinds of debris from driving. After the cleaning, insert the four spring nuts into to grooved indentation on the front left and right end of the bumper:

Partially peel back the adhesive backing from all the double sided tape on the front under spoiler. Peel back about 1″ and tape it onto the front side of the front under spoiler:

Once you are done peeling back the adhesive backing, make sure the front bumper is clean and dry. You may want to wipe it one last time with a clean microfiber cloth. Once cleanliness is achieved, align the front under spoiler onto the front bumper:

Make sure the grooves on the front bumper integrates with the grooves on the front under spoiler. Make sure all the holes you’ve drilled is aligned with the predrilled holes at the bottom of the front under spoiler:

Install the 7 stepped bolts and flanged nuts onto the front under spoiler through the 7 holes situated along the edge of the bottom of the front bumper:

Carefully peel back the red adhesive backing from the front under spoiler which you’ve partially peeled back earlier. You want to exert extreme caution when peeling these backing off as they are very easy to tear off, and if that happens, you may need to partially remove the front under spoiler to access the rest of the tape. Not an exactly easy task if half of the double sided tape has already made contact with the front bumper:

Press the front bumper firmly against the front under spoiler as you peel the backing off the double sided tapes. Once all the adhesive backing are removed, secure the four self-tapping screws onto the spring nut you’ve install earlier. The apply pressure with your palms firmly to the inner side of the front bumper and surface side of the front bumper continuously. Do this for a good 5 to 10 minutes to ensure secure attachment.

Completed project

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