Balancing Act

Let’s give this another shot

Okay, so I’ve been through many failed attempts at creating and managing a personal web presence. I think I may have finally gotten my act together and thrown some key ingredients in the black cauldron with satisfactory results!

Most of the past personal web presence failures is solely the responsibility of my lack of time. Occasionally, the lack of interest plays its card and causes prolonged update stagnation. But the principle cause of my inability to create and manage a personal web presence is my lack of time. Lack of time causes lack of interest, which results in update neglects and finally the untimely demise of a hobby amongst other hobbies.

But putting time aside, I’ve came up with a site that is imbued with a plain and straight forward direction. Mainly focusing on the subject matters that piques my interest: food, traveling, photography and cars. Instead of trying to cover all the bases, let’s start with the core principles that I’m familiar with and see where it leads us. I’ll start by rehashing old do-it-yourself articles pertaining to projects concerning the Acura RSX. New do-it-yourself guides (dubbed visualInstall guides) will be posted on this site subsequently, as they become available.

Enjoy the journey and feel free to share you thoughts.

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