Balancing Act

New photos: Moonstone Beach and Cambria, CA

The original plan was to make a three town pitstop on October 31st, including Morrro Bay, Cayucos and Cambria. Unfortunately, I failed to realize that an entire day is required to fully appreciate the unique personality of each town. For today’s trip, I chose Cambria.

Cambria is a small census designated town located approximately 230 miles north of Los Angeles and a member of the San Luis Obispo county. It is a town of approximately 6,200 population and main industry is tourism with a good segment of its visitor detouring from Hearst Castle.



The road trip started at 7:30am and lasted exactly 3 hours. The drive was nice and sunny up until I passed Cayucos, then a blanket of morning fog crept up the sandy shore of Moonstone Beach. The fog was so thick at times that the visibility range was no more than 100 feet. The foggy atmosphere enhances the scenery with a feeling of enchantment and can turn a regular beach scene into a really interesting subject.

The afternoon sun burned off the fog just as quick as it crept in, casting another opportunity for visual stimulation. I enhanced some of the sunlit photos with a circular polarizer while shooting at various locations within Moonstone Beach and when the sun was at different angles in the sky. The photos Moonstone Beach and Cambria will be gradually added onto my flickr photostream, so take a look at it and share your feedback with me. Next stop will be at Morro Bay and/or Cayucos, followed by Solvang.

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