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More Acura install guides on the way

In addition to side markers and EDM DC2 rear fog light installation guides that are planned for late December, I’ve recently picked up a complete set of JDM power folding mirrors and Honda Access window visors and will be writing install guides for those two items as well.

I ate my own words when I said that it is ridiculous to spend $200+ on a set of window visors. I instead, invested in a set of replica window visors that can be found on eBay for $40.00-$50.00. The replicas looks and works great. The great downfall is how it is mounted. The replicas are mounted by one strip of 3M double sided tape. That’s it. This is all good if you live in an environment that does not reach higher than 80 degrees. Here in Southern California, temperature reach well into the triple digits during the summer – and that is when the replica window visors failed on me. The heat of the summer combined with the raging wild fires was so hot that it melted the 3M double sided tape, causing the visors to sag prematurely. This could be a problem if you drive on the highway a lot as the wind can pick up the sag and tear the visors right off your window and potentially causing an accident to the drivers behind you.

The Honda Access visors has 4 metal clips built-in along the upper ridge of the visors that hugs the metal of your door frame, providing a secure grip in addition to being secured with 3M double side tape. $150.00 for a set of OEM functional parts, why not? So if you are thinking of eBay replica visors, you may want to think twice. The notion of “you get what you pay for” is very true. And even if you don’t live in an area where temperature hits triple digits, the rain and water from car washes will eventually wear away the double sided tapes on the replica visors.

The Honda Access window visors seem like a straight forward install that would require no more than 30 minutes, but the JDM power folding mirror will be tricky. I’ve had experience wiring up power folding mirror for my old car, a 1993 Honda Civic hatchback, so a straight install will be easy and could be accomplish within 3 hours. The difference with this install is the RSX has a defroster on the power mirrors. The install is pretty straightforward in itself if you don’t mind suppressing the defrost feature with a complete swap. However, I’d like to retain the defrost feature and the work involved in rerouting and mounting the mirror defroster switch in conjunction with the power folding switch will prove to be a challenge.

Two ideas came to mind while I was briefly brainstorming. 1.) use an aftermarket push button switch with LED indicator and reroute the defroster wires accordingly or, 2.) cut the defroster switch and separate it from the mirror selector / joy pad switch and mount it on the same panel with epoxy, then reroute the defroster wire to this switch.

There are plenty of alternatives to wiring the mirrors, like wiring them up to the ignition and have them auto fold out upon starting the car, install them to an aftermarket arm and disarm output, etc. I’d like an approach that is as close to OEM as possible with the option of manually controlling the individual features of the mirrors.

While observing the power folding mirror relay, I noticed only 4 wires are used instead of 5 that is traditionally found in JDM Honda vehicles with power folding mirrors:

The traditional 5 wires are for: folding-in mirror, folding-out mirror, ground, 12v power and switch. This means one less step in the wiring process, but a headache determining what wire goes where without an existing circuit diagram. That’s what I’m here to create in the process of the install.

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