Balancing Act

Preliminary sojourning itinerary

I’ve decided to prepare well in advance for my 6-day solo 650+ mile road trip from Los Angeles to Crescent City northern California, and a final day penetrating the Oregon border and crossing into Brookings, OR.

So in preparation with this trip, I’ve had a couple of items ordered. This includes a long needed camera upgrade. I’ve placed an order for a Canon 5D SLR lens kit with Canon’s EF 24-105mm f/4.0L lens. I also wanted to order a 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L, but realized I still have my 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 IS lens that could do the job and save my wallet.

Additionally, I’ve also ordered some parts for my car that’s in the pipeline of my visualInstall do-it-yourself series. In addition to adding content to the DIY series, it will also make my car more visible along the long road trip. What to expect for folks that follow my visualInstall series:

  • EDM/UKDM 1994-2001 Honda Integra rear fog light installation w/integrated 07-08 Honda Fit combination light switch
  • 2005-2006 Honda Integra clear side marker install

While the 2002-2006 Honda Integra (aka Acura RSX) was never exported to the UK, the install will be custom using estimation based on the OEM install location of the ’94-’01 Integra for the mounting location of the rear fog light unit on the RSX. In proportion to the RSX rear bumper, of course. Since there’s a handful of nicely written side marker installation guides, I don’t think a do-it-yourself guide from me will be necessary. May be a video of the actual fender cutting process as supplementary material?

Here’s the itinerary for the northern road trip, so far:

December 28

  • Point Lobos, Monterey County
  • Whaler’s Cove & Cabin (40 min hike)
  • North Shore trail
  • Old Veteran Cypress
  • Whalers Knoll trail
  • Cypress Grove trail
  • Sea Lion Point trail
  • China Cove trail
  • Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA
  • December 29

    • Shelter Cove, CA
    • Lost Coast

    December 30

    • Garberville, CA
    • Redway, CA
    • Cape Medocino
    • Avenue of the Giants

    December 31

    • Ferndale, CA
    • Trinidad, CA
    • Fern Canyon

    January 1

    • Trinidad
    • Lady Bird Johnson Grove
  • Klamath, CA
    • Trees of Mystery
  • Crescent City, CA
  • Del Norte
    • Hidden Beach

    January 2

    • Brookings, OR
    • Sebastopol, CA
    • California Carnivores
  • Return to Los Angeles (10+ hour drive)
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