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Botanical Walk: Santa Barbara Orchid Estate

Hidden in a residential neighborhood of Santa Barbara lies a haven for orchid enthusiasts and hobbyists. Over two acres of cool-growing Cymbidium orchids awaits your visit at the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate.

The Santa Barbara Orchid Estate specializes in the cultivation and selling of cool-growing Cymbidium genus of orchids, cultivated and cared for in an outdoor planting facility as well as an indoor greenhouse sanctuary. Thousands of orchids are in display and blooming in various stages throughout the year. Since a majority of the specimens the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate cultivates are Cymbidiums, the plants spike in winter and continue to bloom well into spring.

For a delectable color show of orchids, pay the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate a visit between March and April. Equipped with a friendly and knowledgeable staff, the estate provides everything you need – whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran – to grow your own array of orchids, including potting materials, planting materials, pesticides, fertilizers, books and more. The Santa Barbara Orchid Estate also carry specialty orchid gifts and accept mail orders for cross-country orchid enthusiasts.

The Santa Barbara Orchid Estate also host an annual in-house orchid fair which takes place usually during the second weekend of July. Santa Barbara also hosts an international orchid expo, the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show annually during the second weekend of March as well.

Santa Barbara Orchid Estate
1250 Orchid Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93111

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