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Dumping marine aquarium idea in favor of the Nature Aquarium

A new and relatively expensive hobby has entered the arena. Instead of pursuing a marine aquarium like I originally intended, I’m going to plan and eventually build a Nature Aquarium.

What is a “Nature Aquarium”? According to Takashi Amano, the pioneer of elaborate aquascapes:

Nature Aquarium is a concept of the planted aquarium hobby, and it combines the plant layout techniques, and creation of the natural ecosystem in a confined space of the aquarium. Many essence learned from the Mother Nature is condensed here. Please enjoy “the grand nature in a glass”

Aquascape designed by Takashi Amano. Photo copyright Takashi Amano.

I will source the entire project from Adana USA, distributor for Aqua Design Amano products, with a projected cost of $3,000.00. This includes the tank (80+ gallon tank), the stand, the substrate, jet canister filtration system, CO2 injection system, glassware, fishes and plants. The project is long-term and will extend through November of this year, considering the fact that I’m also rebuilding the Russian tortoise habitat and revamping the red-eared sliders tank to a 120 gallon fully equipped ecosystem.

The choice of fishes that will occupy the Nature Aquarium will be discus fish of a single color variation. The plan is to add 6-8 discus fishes, a plethora of bee shrimps, some Chinese algae eaters and a shoal of neon tetra.

As with the previous projects, I will post diagrams, photos and how-tos to compliment the progress. The Russian tortoise habitat will start at the end of January to mid-February.

For more information and photos, visit the Aqua Forest Aquarium web site:

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