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Russian Tortoise habitat build update

A small update on the Russian Tortoise habitat which I’ve temporarily placed on hold due to my finals at Cal Poly Pomona, spring break and first two week at a new career. I’ve finalized the parts needed to complete this build.

Enclosure by Show Case Cages

Rather than building an enclosure from scratch or using a glass terrarium, I’ll be ordering a 48″x24″x18″ display cage by Show Case Cages ( At the same time, I’ll be ordering a 48″x24″x12″ stand to complete the set up. I figured this would be the best configuration since the display cages by Show Case Cages will be stackable and various cage dimensions can be used. This is ideal since I’ll be adding some bearded dragons and other herptile to the family subsequently down the line:

3d background

After switching to Show Case Cages, I had to select a new 3d background, same company, Designs by Nature ( I’ve settled on a 48″x18″ Kiama background:

The size will be an exact match for the Show Case Cages I’ll be ordering. A slight modification needs to be conducted to accommodate the area that will house the heating lamps. But other than that, this background is a winner.


A habitat is not complete without added accessories. In furnishing the habitat, I’ve made a list of items I’ll be ordering at the same time. They include:

  • 48″ fluorescent lighting strip
  • 48″ UVB 5.0 fluorescent tube by ZooMed
  • Large corner critter cavern(s)
  • 2 ZooMed mini heating bulb hood / clamp
  • ExoTerra 50w SunGlo basking bulb
  • ExoTerra 50w NightGlo heating bulb
  • ZooMed Timer

I estimate the entire project will be completed by mid to late May 2012 with the background and accessories ordered as soon as next week. Once the Russian Tortoise enclosure project is complete, I can move onto building either the Nature Tank or Red Eared Slider tank projects. The only drawback is we’re deciding to relocate by year’s end and a project of this magnitude involving massive tanks and a thriving ecosystem (for the Nature Tank) is not something that can be relocated easily. I may even put these projects aside until the relocation is complete and start on other projects, like a bearded dragon enclosure.

2 thoughts on “Russian Tortoise habitat build update

  1. cjcarver

    I am looking for the same stand in which you sat your cage on. Could you provide me info on where you found that black wire stand in that same size? Thank you in advance!! (:

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