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Review: Designs by Nature, LLC’s 3D Congo background (BJ241L)

After much contemplation regarding habitat sizing, I put in an order with Designs by Nature, LLC. for a 36″ x 24″ Congo 3D background (BJ241L). I had to downsize to 36″L from 48″L due to limited room in my rusty little apartment. This background will be used exclusively for the Russian tortoise habitat project.

I must say, my first experience with Designs by Nature is extremely satisfactory. Matt (owner of Designs by Nature) contacted me and made himself available to address any areas of concern or questions I may have. The background was shipped out promptly as well; I received the package via UPS within 3 business days after placing the initial order (Oregon to California). The background was thoroughly packed and arrived at my door in pristine condition. The shipping box was sized just enough to fit the background and old crumpled-up newspapers were used to minimize movement within the box and cushion the background during its trek to my residence.

36L" x 24"W 3D background shipping box from Designs by Nature, LLC.

The 3D background is well made, sturdy and highly detailed. The color and texture are as realistic as a foam construction background can be:

36" x 24" Congo 3D background by Designs by Nature, unboxed.

Close up of the Congo 3D background.

Congo 3D background BJ241L by Designs by Nature, LLC.

Side view of the Congo 3D background.

The back of the 3D background is also lined with evenly spaced measuring grids for easy downsizing and trimming, which I will definitely need to do once I get the tank from Show Case Cages:

The back of the Congo 3D background.

All in all, the quality of the 3D background by Designs by Nature, LLC. is superb. The shipping time is satisfactory and the customer service/follow-up is outstanding. I will be placing additional 3D background orders with Designs by Nature, LLC. for my bearded dragon and cherry headed red-foot tortoise projects in the subsequent months to come.

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