Balancing Act

Car Shopping II

After much contemplation, I’ve decided to shop around for the larger Prius and drop the Prius C. The Prius C, after having closer inspection, is a bit too small for my comfort. It looks about the size of a Nissan Versa hatchback or Toyota Yaris hatchback. From a rear passenger comfort perspective, it’s not much greater than the Acura RSX, except that it has four doors. I am debating between the Prius Four or the Prius Five. Not sure if the extra amenities of the Five justifies the $1,500 increase in price tag.

Looking at the Blizzard Pearl, Sea Glass Pearl or Barcelona Red – all preferably with the bisque interior color. If all goes well, I may be driving off with a new Prius this weekend :).

One thought on “Car Shopping II

  1. Yogi

    Just Curious, what did you end up buying – model, exterior color, money .. extra optional packages if any?

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