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2012 Winter Gray Prius Four

Yesterday I made the jump and purchased a 2012 Winter Gray Toyota Prius Four with Dark Gray interior. It’s quite a change from the Acura RSX Type S and the comfort level is so much higher than the RSX. Although I still need to acclimate myself to the no-sound ignition and the high seating level of the Prius, I should be accustomed to it in no time. The MPG this thing gets, its high tech touch Navigation w/Entune, 8 JBL speakers w/amp, SofTex trimmed heated front seats and 9 air bags make the Prius Four a sound investment. The one drawback I don’t like about the Prius navigation system is that it requires a smartphone with internet connection to make use of the various features of Entune. This is unlike Acura’s Honda Link satellite link.

2012 Toyota Prius Four in Winter Gray

2012 Toyota Prius Four in Winter Gray

The Acura RSX has been the most reliable car in the 7 years and 4 months I’ve owned it. I’ve pretty much pampered it from day one of ownership. I have taken it to many long road trips, through all season/weather condition and it has never left me stranded once. 3rd gear iVTEC acceleration will definitely be missed in comparison to the Prius Hybrid Synergy Drive, but practicality and fuel efficiency triumphs performance. However,  a bright orange sports compact tuner with a higher spoiler just doesn’t quite suit someone in their early 30’s.

2005 Blaze Orange Metallic (BOM) Acura RSX Type-S

2005 Blaze Orange Metallic (BOM) Acura RSX Type-S

Plans for the Prius Four? So far:

  • Prius PLUS ground effects kit
  • Prius PLUS 17″ wheels
  • Prius TRD lowering springs
  • Prius lower chrome side moldings

The Prius isn’t made to go fast but can be modded to look good!

2 thoughts on “2012 Winter Gray Prius Four

  1. Eddie F.

    hello, it’s me again…

    I can totally relate on the comfort level aspect. Prior to my newly bought Prius, I owned a 2011 Kia Soul with a suspension as tight as a truck! As nice and cool as it was to tool around town in (especially while we were operating a copy/design shop and carrying cases of paper around all the time), the suspension isn’t all that good for someone who’s now in his late 40’s, and has careless sins of the past (let’s just say “lift with your legs, NOT with your back) that are reminding me that I don’t have the body of a 20 year old anymore, and no need to transport paper around everywhere we go.

    Potholes (which I try to avoid like the plague) and bumps don’t feel as bad, and because “Darth” sits lower than the Soul (but higher than the Camry) driver and passengers are not battered around when we caught in crosswinds or get hit with turbulence behind a trailer truck.

    The Prius is a foot or so longer than the Soul (which meant some creative consolidation of junk in the garage) and the wheelbase of the Prius (as you probably already know) is just 3 inches shy of the Camry’s wheelbase, so naturally, it’s proving to be a smoother, more comfortable ride…and gas mileage, need I say more?…the Soul was 24 city, 30 highway, though it’s been clocked at 36+ on the highway before…but nothing even remotely close to the Prius

    1. 5teve-0 Post author

      We went on a road trip from Los Angeles to Vancouver, B.C. at the end of December last year and took the Prius. My wife and I were taking turn driving every 300 miles. The comfy level is there and the heated seats came in handy during our trip up north. As for mileage, let’s say our 3,000 mile round trip road trip only cost us $140.00 in gas (which I’ll write about when I have time).

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