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2012+ 3rd gen Toyota Prius Five lower radiator sub-assembly grille

I placed an order for a front bumper sub-assembly lower radiator grille with fog light openings for the 2012 3rd Gen Prius Frive from Toyota Parts Zone using the part number supplied by Sean (aka sfv41901) at I received that part today along with a center console rear lid/tray which Toyota decided to leave out in the 2012 models but included in the 2010 and 2011 trims. Here are some images:

Center console rear tray/lid.

Replacement lower radiator grille from a 2012 Prius 5.

Back of lower grille.

The Nokya projector LED fog light replacement kit for the Prius is on back order, so I went ahead an ordered a set of 2006-2011 Toyota Yaris OEM-style aftermarket fog lights on the mean time. I am going to need to use the fog light wiring harness, relay, fuse and switch from this kit to make the overall system work anyways:

2006-2008 Toyota Yaris OEM-style aftermarket fog light kit.

Now the part numbers for folks who are interested in tackling this project…

Part numbers

Lower radiator sub-assembly grille: 53102-47020

Lower radiator sub-assembly grille with silver trim for 2012-2015 Plug-in Prius: 53102-47090B1

Console box rear pocket/lid: 58825-47020

Fog light kit: Any 2010+ OEM-style aftermarket Prius kit will work. I recommend getting the OEM-style aftermarket fog light kit for the 2006-2011 Toyota Yaris because the kit will work with the Prius (exact same lighting, similar wiring harness and switch) and costs about $40.00-$60.00 less than the Prius kit. Both 4 door sedan and 3 door hatchback models will work.

EDIT: If you decide to purchase an OEM-style aftermarket fog lamp kit designed for the Yaris, note that the switch assembly MAY or MAY NOT fit in the 2012 Prius switch panel. Some switch design is oversized while others fit the Prius like OEM. Most kit usually come with an adapter, but even with the adapter out, the switch is still too big. Rule of thumb before you buy, look at the switch and make sure it’s a single piece switch with no adapters. The 2-piece switch with adapter will NOT fit.

Total cost from Toyota Parts Zone, $147.00 including shipping and tax. Happy modding!

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