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JDM power folding side mirrors for 2012 3rd gen Toyota Prius

Update: DIY guide is now up, DIY: How to install JDM Prius power folding side mirrors


After missing the cool factor of power side folding mirrors I wired up on my old RSX, I am tossing around the idea of performing the same mod for the Prius. Only problem is the mirrors can only be sourced brand new at an average commanding price of $800.00 plus $150+ for the control/relay module that auto retracts the mirrors upon locking/unlocking (optional module). At the moment, I cannot justify spending that kind of money on side mirror upgrades when the stock ones work just fine. However, it will be on my DIY to-do list – possibly towards the end of the year after I’m done with other mods. $950 could purchase me a Prius PLUS kit, a new set of rims or a combination of other mods. However, when I do tackle this mod, expect a clean, OEM-like install with absolutely no wire cutting or short cuts – exactly like my JDM DC5 power folding side mirrors detailed how-to wiring and installation guide.

One thing to note though, once I do get to this project, it won’t be a DIY for just power folding mirrors alone. In fact, I’ll be adding the following accessories to the mix when I install everything and split the DIY guide into a multi-series on side mirror modifications:

  • Side mirror covers with LED signal/parking/puddle lights
  • Auto downward tilting mirror upon reverse
  • Power folding side mirrors with auto fold feature on lock/unlock
Mirror covers with LED signal/parking/puddle lights

Mirror covers with LED signal/parking/puddle lights

I’ll be using spare parts from the Acura RSX power folding side mirror project I’ve worked on in the past to create custom plugs that will use to power the JDM Prius power folding motors and the LED blinker/puddle lights for a clean, seamless and OEM-like installation.

Again, no Mickey Mouse job: no wire cutting or soldering of OEM wires and 100% reversible to stock form. Of course there are those who would like to jimmy rig their set up and I’ll provide a wiring diagram for that as well to accommodate all preference. I believe if you’re going to mod your car where extensive wire handling is involved, do it right and do it clean the first time. When you want to sell your car, you can always revert to stock and sell the vestigial part(s). As for power folding mirrors, their resell value is very high, even for a set of used pair. My RSX folding mirrors still sold for $300.00 and I got them for $175 roughly 3 years ago. For the Prius, I can see they will sell for $500.00+ easily – why pay $800.00 for a brand new set when you can get use functional used for for $300.00 off?

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    1. 5teve-0 Post author

      No, not yet. The mirrors are still a bit pricey to justify what is essentially a cosmetic upgrade to a fully functioning set of OEM mirrors. I’ll probably wait a little while before going forward. Definitely wiring up the combo/turn signal mirrors first though. I’ll probably end up buying new 17″ rims and tires before the folding mirrors.

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