Balancing Act

Molly fries at 16 weeks

Actually, more like molly adults. Remember the molly fries I posted roughly 15-16 weeks ago? They are now all adults. Matter of fact, some of the female mollies in the tank are pregnant. I believe I’ve counted three. Anyways, here are some photos:

Molly fries at 1 week.

Same fries at 16 weeks.

Pregnant molly. One of three.

The alpha male molly I suspect impregnating the female mollies.

No updates on the Prius so far, I’ve been extremely busy these past couple of weeks – even after graduating from college! I should have the Prius lowered with Toyota TRD lowering springs by the end of the month. Also, my JDM Toyota Prius visors is shipping out on Monday so I expect to get them by Tuesday or Wednesday, followed by a DIY guide of course. The Nokya projector fog lights are in, I just haven’t had time to wire up the fog light for use yet – not that it is necessary at the moment since daylight in summer time lasts until 9pm.


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