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Prius PLUS performance lowering springs by TRD (P/N: PTR07-47100)

Today I received my Prius PLUS performance lowering springs by Toyota Racing Development (TRD), part number PTR07-47100. I am going to have them installed this weekend by Cabe Toyota of Long Beach. The install process is suppose to take approximately 4 hours by Toyota technicians. It’s also also a chance for Cabe Toyota to regain my trust as a customer. I purchased my 2012 Prius Four from Cabe Toyota of Long Beach back in May. ┬áMy girlfriend and I had pretty sour experience with the sales manager last weekend while evaluating the purchase decision for a Prius C for the lady. This experience subsequently resulted in us buying a Prius C Four from a different dealership at end of the very same day followed by a lengthy updated review on Yelp.

After the operations manager read my scathing updated review, he reached out to my girlfriend and I and shows sign of dedication in regaining our trust – to which I’ve agreed to. I’m a reasonable consumer and believe in giving second chances. We’ll see this Saturday. If all goes well, all is forgiven.

I’ll post up before and after pictures once the install is complete for a side by side comparison. The springs are suppose to lower the front by 1.1″ and the rear by 1.3″. Low enough for a semi-aggressive stance but still drivable in urban Los Angeles.

Toyota Prius PLUS performance lowering springs by TRD

Prius PLUS performance lowering springs by TRD (Part Number PTR07-47100)

6 thoughts on “Prius PLUS performance lowering springs by TRD (P/N: PTR07-47100)

  1. Steve

    I was curious – after having them on your car for awhile now, are you happy with them? Did you upgrade the wheel size, or leave stock 15″ wheels on. Any changes in handling, MPGs, etc? Did you have to get an alignment after install?

    1. Steve Post author

      I don’t regret installing the springs at all. The springs have definitely settled in and the car is lower than it was when the springs were first installed, so it might help if I post up updated photos (old photos). Since I drive a lot in Los Angeles where road conditions fluctuate by the minute, the balance in comfort, peace of mind and stance works out great for the road I drive on and drive ways I pass through. Wheels are stock 15″ with hubcaps removed, but plan to upgrade the wheels to 17″ later this year when I wear off my OEM tires more. Definitely an improvement in handling; at high speed (75mph) on stock height, I felt as if the Prius was being shaken up by the wind (literally, the car felt like it was wobbling). This did not occur with the PLUS springs. MPG remain the same as far as I can tell. Car was aligned by Toyota technician immediately after the installation. Some people recommend to hold back on alignment and let the spring settle in after 1,000 miles. I say it really doesn’t matter. The PLUS OEM quality springs lower the car vertically by a meek 1.1″ at the front and 1.3″ at the rear, not really affecting camber.

      1. Steve

        Thanks for the update. Pre and post pics would be great to see. I live in the Orange County area, so same road conditions as you. And I too have my 15″ OEM wheels and will be keeping them until the tires wear down some. I am on the fence about this, so it’s good to hear you don’t have regrets. If you don’t mind me asking, about how much did the dealership charge to install them?

        1. Steve Post author

          Link to old before/after photos: The price for both install and alignment was $120, but as pointed out in the aforementioned link/post, it was due to a sour customer service experience that my dealer wanted to resolve. Realistic price should be approximately $200+ for spring installation alone and $60-$80 for alignment – at a Toyota dealership. Self installation is pretty straight forward and should take about 4 hours. I don’t have that kind of time these days so I had it professionally installed (took them a little over 2 hours). I’ll post up new photos after I get through writing the Prius PLUS ground effects kit DIY guide. Since installing the springs, I’ve added an additional 8,000 miles and driven through all kind of terrains, including a insane 3-mile stretch of bouncy, rocky dirt road to get to Bodie, CA. The springs held up and no bottoming out. I’ll be adding the PLUS rear sway bar in a month or two.

  2. Drop Suspension

    Your car’s gonna look good on that. By the way, if I may ask, what kind of material are those springs made of?

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