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DIY: How to install Acura OEM A-Spec side underbody spoilers (aka side rockers / side skirts) on your 2005-2006 RSX

By popular demand, I’ve exhumed the photos I’ve taken while installing a set of 2005/2006 Acura OEM A-Spec lower side spoilers on my previous 2005 Acura RSX Type S. Instructions for installing the rear under spoiler will be added subsequently since I’ve located the photos for that DIY guide as well. Enjoy

Allow up to 2 hours for this DIY if you are doing it solo; about 1 and a half hour if you have an assistant.

Check the included parts and make sure everything is in-tact:

2005-2006 Acura RSX A-Spec lower side spoilers

2005-2006 Acura RSX A-Spec lower side spoilers

Left & Right strakes

Left & Right strakes

16 rubber spacers

16 rubber spacers

9 well nuts

9 well nuts

9 washer-bolts

9 washer-bolts

1 template

1 template

2 covers

2 covers

2 blind plugs

2 blind plugs

6 self-tapping screws

6 self-tapping screws

I. Removing the OEM side spoilers

Use these steps to completely remove the OEM side spoiler AND partially install the A-Spec replacements for both the left and right side. Start by aligning the included rubber strake with the corresponding A-Spec spoiler (i.e. Left strake with left side spoiler, right strake with right spoiler). If you’re not sure, look underneath each parts. An “L” designates LEFT piece and an “R” designates RIGHT piece. Make sure the strake sits flush with the side spoiler:


Another shot of the install. Notice that the strake is flush with the side spoiler:


In case you’re wondering what the strakes are for, it provides stability and body support to the rear end of the A-Spec spoiler.

Next, take your Philips screwdriver and unscrew the three self-tapping screws from the front inner fender:


The inner self-tapping screw, also the longest one of the three, is a bit hard to reach. I used a shorty Philips screwdriver:


If you have mud guards, you’ll see some stains, gunks and residues. I’ve had mine for about 4.5 years as of this writing. No worries, I’ll show you how to remove them later:


Next, look underneath and along the stock side skirts to see some indentations. It would help if you jack up your car, especially if your car is lowered. I didn’t. This is what you’re looking for:


Using a flathead screwdriver, these are what you want to remove:


There are 4 of these clips per side. If you’ve removed your front or rear bumper, then you know what to do.

With the clips and three self-tapping screws removed, push the OEM side skirt forward. It should move about 2 inches, then pull side skirts outward towards you (i.e. Away from the door). It may help if you use a rubber mallet and smack the back end of the side skirt towards the front.

With the side skirt removed, your side should look like this:


Next, remove the spring nut located at the front of the OEM side skirt. The longest self-tapping screw you’ve removed earlier (of 3), was secured onto this spring nut:


Look along the side of the car where the OEM side skirt was attached. You’ll see 8 clips along the side:


Remove the clips by rotating them 45-degrees and pulling them out:


You should have a total of 8 clips per side:


Some of these clips you’ve removed may have rubber backing removed along with it. Some may be stuck to the body. Either way, remove and discard the old rubber backings and slide in a new rubber backing into each clip:


Take the spring nut you’ve removed from the OEM side skirt and install it onto the A-Spec underbody side spoiler:


Slide the 8 clips you’ve removed from the body of your car into the holder of the A-Spec side spoilers through the slots as follow:


Yeah, just jam it in there like this. Now do it to the 7 other slots:


Next, get on your knees and head for the back end of your car where the OEM side skirt was attached. You see a single 10mm hole, you can’t miss it:


Take the provided template and measure 47mm toward the front of the car, starting from the dead center of the 10mm hole. Mark the measurement with a felt-tip pen (I used a Sharpie):


Next, drill a 3mm hole at the spot you’ve just measured and marked, followed by a 5mm drill bit and top off with a 10mm drill bit so you get a 10mm hole adjacent to the one you were looking for earlier.

Plug the pre-drilled 10mm hole (not the one you’ve just drilled) with a blind plug:


Push in a well nut to the four holes along the under side of your car. The first three holes were occupied by the clips you’ve removed earlier. The fourth hole is the hole you’ve just recently drilled:


Next, take a pair of shrub trimmer and cut out a small part of your front inner fender to make room for the A-Spec side spoiler. Cut along the marked location:


Like this:


Install the A-Spec side underbody spoiler by fitting it into position on the side by aligning the eight clips with the body side. Basically, you’re just aligning the clips you’ve removed and installed onto the A-Spec spoiler back to the holes you’ve originally removed them from.

Insert the front end of the spoiler between the inner fender and body.


Carefully push the side spoiler against the side, ensuring that the eight clips snaps into the holes along the body.


Install the four washer-bolts along the underside of the spoiler, tightening each bolt into a corresponding well-nut you’ve installed earlier. Do not over tighten.

The above step should be applicable to both the left and ride side. Installing the A-Spec spoilers require some minor attention as they are slightly different between the sides.

II. Installing the left A-Spec side under spoiler

Locate guard pipe underneath the inner body chassis near the rear wheel well. A single 12mm bolt should be securing it in place:


You want to loosen up the 12mm bolt, not remove it completely:


Then you want to slide the bracket on the left strake in between the guard pipe and the 12mm bolt. Once you’ve accomplished this, tighten the bolt back in place:


Plug up the hole on the left strake with one of the provided cover:


And you’re good to go with the left side:

III. Installing the right A-Spec side under spoiler

Install a 5th well nut into a pre-existing hole located at the rear end of the side, near the rear wheel well. It’s located directly in front of the hole you’ve plugged with the blind plug. Push a well nut into this hole as illustrated:


Then secure the right strake onto this well nut with the remaining washer-bolt. Plug up the strake with the remaining cover plug and you’re all set.

IV. Completed install


V. If you had mud guard installed

If you’ve had mud guard installed and had to remove them for this install, like I did, then you might run into a few blemishes left behind by the mud guards:


Simple fix is to use Meguire’s Stage 1 Paint cleaner followed by Meguire’s Stage 2 Polisher. Apply a good helping of paint cleaner onto a terry cloth and scrub the baby down for a good 30-60 seconds, then wipe away the scrubbed surface with a clean section of the cloth. Then apply a good helping of Stage 2 polisher onto a clean terry cloth and polish the surface for a good 1 minute, and wipe clean the aftermath with a clean microfiber cloth:


Keep in mind that you can’t buff deep gouges and scratches away. Repeat for the other front fender and the two rear fender where your OEM side skirt sat.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

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  1. Hugo
    April 9, 2014 at 7:12 PM

    Excellent write up my friend- I would have paid for this type of DIY. You deserve praise and a drink!

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