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Repainted my OGS Intelligent Position Switch

I have to admit, my OGS Intelligent Position Switch has seen better days. In its early days, it was nice, silver and shiny. After 3 years of use, the shiny silver wore off and a hue of black can be seen peeking out along the impressions where each button lie. The black hue underneath the once shiny silver is the black paint that was painted on the plastic to shield it from the bright LED lights; the entire cover is translucent plastic.  To give it new life, I sprayed the entire top cover with black semi-gloss paint, the same paint I used to black out the headlights.

Custom painted OGS Intelligent Position Switch; semi-gloss black

The new paint job gave the aging

a new breath of life and also looks great. For a further customized paint job, you can sand off the area where the “OGS” logo is imprinted, place a small stencil (mini vinyl decal works fantastic for this application) and paint over it. Your new custom logo will now take the place of the OGS logo when you switch on the Prius, causing IPS to flash through all the colors. I omitted this step because it was 100 degrees outside and I did not have time nor the logo in hand to make the custom imprint. But to give you an idea, I was aiming for the Triforce logo from the Legend of Zelda.

7 thoughts on “Repainted my OGS Intelligent Position Switch

  1. Marc

    So, went off searching around after reading your post on painting your OGS push button switch.
    I have hit the protruding stick shift (useless might I add) so many times it’s not funny. In fact, to avoid it I typically have to lift stuff up high which inadvertantly flips the door light switch on the upper roof which is almost exactly above the clunky stick assembly.

    I looked and looked all over trying to find the “Left Hand” version. It seems that there’s a huge demand for the RH version but couldn’t find the LH version until I found it at -> and ordered it for $239.98 including shipping. It doesn’t have the ‘OGS’ emblem but instead a cute Prius like outline.

    I love your blog and have used it many times. I did the JDK folding mirror install which was my most difficult task but well worth it. I at first didn’t have the puddle light mirrors but ordered a replacement light assembly and took the mirrors apart and rewired it so now have turn signals and puddle lights and parking lights 🙂

    I’m also very jealous as I moved from San Fran to Pennsylvania for school and really wish I was back on the west coast but not in fire country 🙂

    1. 5teve-0 Post author

      Thanks for the kind comment Marc and glad to hear that you’ve found the articles useful. Been neglecting this blogspace of mine for a while due to time constraint, but hope to regularly update it with maintenance DIY since we’ve moved closer to my job and I have plenty of free time. How’s the life style change moving from the Bay Area to Pennsylvania?

      1. Marc

        Moving from the Bay Area to Pennsylvania is like moving to a third world country in contrast. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

        I’ve been struggling with the question of ‘when do I sell my Prius’ or ‘do I just keep it for a spare car’?

        My 2013 Prius model 5 (same color as yours) will be paid off June 2018 (courtesy of Toyota financial services ZERO percent interest loan). I have just under 95,000 miles on it as I was driving 30,000 miles/yr for several years consulting. It’s only worth about $12,000 now as far as I can tell. It’s a Prius plus configuration with the sway bar, lower and stiffer springs and nice Pirelli forged 19″ rims with wider 225/45R-17 Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus XL tires new at 85,000 miles (last set got 65,000 miles – they are rated at 80,000 miles).

        I really want to buy a Tesla model S but kind of want a smaller EV but I do like the lift back design which isn’t mirrored in the model 3. Not much of a fan of under 200 mile EV’s (Leaf, BMW i3, etc.) as then I’d have to keep my Prius for long trips.

        Keeping two cars though means two insurance payments – an extra $1,000/yr per car roughly. I’d rather take the plunge into an EV and stay there which is one reason I like the model S 90D or 100D with the range and free supercharge access.

        Let me know if you know of anyone interested in buying a really nice 2013 Prius model 5 with grey leather interiors and fully loaded (CD, Sirius, radar cruise, lane keeper, backup camera, etc.) always serviced every 5,000 miles with ALL service records. Two minor accidents (new nose cone and new driver door). Also, has the 3M clear bra installed which is really nice and protects it well.

        1. 5teve-0 Post author

          Haha, I’ll take your word for it regarding relocating from Bay Area to Pennsylvania. We paid off both our Prius and Prius c years ago so it is nice to drive around with no car payments. How is it that the insurance for your Prius is so high? Mine is just a tad above $40 a month, with comprehensive coverage plus more (through Geico). Wife and I discussed getting an EV but shelved the idea for the mean time. We want to maximize the life of the Prius, and it still has plenty, before switching. I was doing 100 mile round trip commute for the past 2.75 years and besides regular maintenance, no real issues.

          1. Marc

            Yeah, I originally purchased my Prius for a 7-10 year stint as I had a Smart ForTwo Cabriolet that I truly loved to drive and it had a fairly easy 35-37 mpg combined but used premium fuel. I went shopping for a car that was dependable and had at least or better MPG than the Smart car. I had read that the EV technology was going to take 5-10 years to solidify based on what was going on in research and development. So, figured I’d better get something that would last easily 5-10 years. I’m just tired to the Toyota average design although it has been very reliable. So, bottom line, I think I’m going to push back on my desires and try to hold onto my Prius for at least another year or two. I really like the idea of no car payment 🙂

            As for insurance costs, they are typically higher in western Pennsylvania due to the lower standard of living and poor driving conditions and high theft/collision (read bad drivers). My actual insurance cost for my Prius is about $650/yr.

            Have a good holiday season. I’m working till Wed so only off NYE and day.
            Keep up the great DIY articles. I’m going to venture into the plug replacement probably next year as I’ve got nearly 100,000 miles. It’s not running rough or anything so will wait like you did. I did put up radiator baffles this year as my winter MPG was typically in the low 20’s. I complained to Toyota dealership that my thermostat wasn’t working but they said ‘There isn’t any problem’. I’m guessing they didn’t do anything at all because with the radiator baffles, it warms up in minutes and stays warm. I’m getting mid 40’s to 50’s MPG now!

          2. 5teve-0 Post author

            Ha, that is my mind set. Been itching for an EV car for a while, but figured I can stretch the Prius for another 5+ years of spirited driving, it really is just my commuter car. By then, more options, lower cost and newer technology will make EV cars even more attractive. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, we’ve taken the Prius everywhere, as far as Vancouver, B.C. and hasn’t given us a problem at 120k miles (will definitely drain and fill inverter and engine coolant and transmission fluid in January).

            $650 / year in insurance for the Prius is still pretty good. I think I started at around $650/year and it dropped to $480’ish currently.

            I’m currently building our garage so more 3rd gen DIY’s will be in the work, as well as DIY’s for the wife’s Prius c. I’ll be cleaning the hybrid cooling fan impeller this weekend, something the dealer wants to charge $389 to do!

      2. Marc

        Also forgot to pass this along if you know anyone looking at Tesla products (Energy, autos, powerwalls, roof tiles, etc.) here’s a referral discount which gives certain advantages depending on the product purchased from free supercharging to other treats.

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