Balancing Act

A Tour of Our Completed Nintendo Super Mario-themed Baby Nursery

Our Vision

When we found out that my wife was pregnant with our first child, we wasted no time planning and designing our future nursery. Planning out a baby nursery proved to be challenging, especially not knowing the baby’s gender. Nonetheless, we eventually both agreed to a Nintendo theme, particularly Super Mario. We chose a Nintendo Super Mario theme because it briefly brought both of us back to memory lane, cherishing great memories from our childhood. The Nintendo Super Mario franchise has a library of vibrant and timeless characters ranging from both ends of the spectrum, not too different than say, a Disney themed nursery. We figured that if our baby turns out to be a boy, the theme will fit right in. And if our baby turns out to be a girl, the room will feature the Nintendo Princesses (Daisy, Peach, Rosalina and Zelda). The moment we found out our baby is a boy, we jumped right from brainstorming to creating.

We started by sketching a rough draft of what we envisioned the nursery to look like, using PhotoShop. The draft included all the furniture we’ve selected and where they are positioned in the nursery.

Finished Nursery vs. Rough Draft

Here is a side-by-side comparison of our nursery vision, versus the actual finalized nursery we’ve put together using the draft as a rough guideline:


Bowser Jr. Mural

The Bowser Jr. mural took 4 days to paint. You can read more about the process in an earlier post: Painting a Mural in Our Baby’s Nursery – Part 1 Outlining and Painting a Mural in Our Baby’s Nursery – Part 2 Completion.

Bowser Jr. Baby Nursery Mural

The Bowser Jr. mural almost did not materialize because I got spooked out and lost confidence as I was reviewing the project. Reason? Because I have absolutely no working knowledge of painting, let alone painting a wall sized mural! I forced myself to proceed by laying out the outlines of Bowser Jr. on the nursery wall. By doing so, I had no choice but to move forward or repaint the wall blue again. Four days later, the wall was completed and the result exceeded my wildest expectation. The alternative was to place Mario decals in place of the mural. We’re glad I took the plunge and painted the mural instead. The nursery will not be the same with decals.

Here’s a time lapse video of me doing the actual painting, shot with an iPhone 6 in time lapse mode:

Nursery Details

Here are some Nintendo and Super Mario themed items we’ve placed around the room to complete our son’s nursery. Overall, our Nintendo Super Mario themed nursery took us about 7 and a half months to complete and we are very pleased with the final result :).

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Meet Ethan

Meet our son Ethan! He was born on September 30, 2016 at 3:45 PM PST, weighing 6 lbs 4 oz at birth 🙂


img_9998 img_9860

Ethan in his Full Moon party outfit

All this little guy want to do is play!

Ethan was born 6 lb 4 oz. In a month, he gained 4 pounds, putting him at a little over 10 lbs at his 1 month old milestone. We were initially concerned about his health since he was born at 37 weeks via scheduled C-Section, but we are now confident that he is a healthy little champ. :). Can’t wait to take him along with us on family road trips (need to wait until he is vaccinated and allow for his immune system to grow stronger)!

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