Balancing Act

2012 Summer Rain Prius C Four

This past weekend has been a long busy weekend. We spent most of Saturday car shopping. Ten hours were spent between two dealerships. As of this weekend, my girlfriend is an official Prius C owner – making us both proud hybrid driving Prius owners! We didn’t pick up the C from my previous dealer, due to an experience that went south pretty fast. Instead, we picked up the car at North Hollywood Toyota for a phenomenal deal. We traded her 2004 Nissan 350Z Enthusiast coupe for a fully loaded 2012 Toyota Prius C Four, with moonroof and in Summer Rain color.

2012 Summer Rain Prius C Four at North Hollywood Toyota

Same car, at home.

2004 Nissan 350Z Enthusiast Coupe

The car purchasing experience at North Hollywood Toyota was spectacular and we got more for our trade-in than we could ever expected, much more than what my previous dealer offered.

Just like myself, the lady will need to get use to how high the car sits and how slow it accelerates, not that she ever smashes her foot pedal to the metal with her Z anyways. She drives the C just like she drove the Z, only difference is she’s averaging about 58 mpg with the C vs. 21 mpg with the Z. I am sure with all the added modern features, such as safety features, fuel efficiency, amenities and space, she’ll agree that the C is a sound investment.

Also just like my Acura RSX vs. 3rd gen Prius Four cost of ownership analysis, the cost to own the brand new 2012 Prius C with warranty is still roughly $80 less than it was to own the 2004 Z – factoring insurance, gas, maintenance and car payment into the analysis.

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