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DIY: How to install an HID kit on your 3rd gen Toyota Prius

No rocket science is involved when it comes to installing modern aftermarket high intensity discharge (HID) xenon kits since most contemporary kits are manufactured with updated technology, standardized and almost 100% plug-n-play. Most kits these days can be purchased for as low as $30 whereas you couldn’t find a kit cheaper than  $250 seven years ago. The HID kits of…

DIY: How to Install JDM Side Window Visors On a 3rd Gen Prius

For some reason, people assume that window visors help in eliminating wind noise while driving. That’s not their primary purpose. Their primary purpose is to allow the driver to open their windows to allow fresh air in without the use of the A/C. Visors are especially useful during rainy weather condition without having their vehicle’s interior drenched with water. Depending…