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DIY: How to Install JDM Side Window Visors On a 3rd Gen Prius

For some reason, people assume that window visors help in eliminating wind noise while driving. That’s not their primary purpose. Their primary purpose is to allow the driver to open their windows to allow fresh air in without the use of the A/C. Visors are especially useful during rainy weather condition without having their vehicle’s interior drenched with water. Depending on how wide you open your windows with visors installed, the noise level may even increase at high speed driving. However, when compared to visor-less windows, wind noise is without a doubt definitely reduced. Wind noise still exist but at lower decibel.

As I learned from my experience with aftermarket stick-on window visors, you get what you pay for. I had cheap eBay stick-on visors on my RSX for about a good six months before they begin to fail. If you live in an area with a cool climate, I think the stick-on visors will suffice. But for me, as soon as Souther California weather began to soar into the 90’s, my RSX stick-on visors began to sag and eventually gave way at a car wash. I installed JDM Honda Access visors (spent $150 for a set) and they have never given me any problem for 2.5 years. In fact, during the final life of my RSX, I tried tugging on the visors and they were still on the door frame rock solid. So with the Prius, I decided to invest a little more and do it right the first time and ordered official JDM Toyota Prius visors by Toyota.

The official Toyota visors are very low profile, about .5″ away from the window and does not obstruct the operation of the windows nor create a distracting exterior appearance. The visors installs along the outer door frame with brackets to secure them in place. The visors also do not obstruct the window paths at all, unlike WeatherTech visors, which forces the window’s brushed motor to put in more work than necessary (causing unnecessary wear on the brushes).

As promised, and since the instructions are in Japanese, I wrote this do-it-yourself installation guide for fellow Prius enthusiasts who want to install these themselves and a list of online stores to order them from.

Parts and Part Numbers

2x Front visors

  • RH: 08611-47036
  • LH: 08611-47037

2x Rear visors

  • RH: 08615-47036
  • LH: 08615-47037

8x Brackets (Clamp-Clip set)

4x Foam backing

  • 08611-02380

1x Installation instruction

Installation Guide

1.) Partially remove the outer weather stripping from the door frame. Simply give the stripping a little outward tug and carefully pull it down along the door frame. Let it hang on the door frame as pictured:

The door frame weather stripping that needs to be partially removed.

Dislodging the front door frame weather stripping.

Dislodging the rear door frame weather stripping.

2. Clean up the front and rear door frames with mild soap detergent and water solution. Wipe clean with towel or terry cloth and then dry completely with micro fiber cloth:

Spray the door frame with a solution of dish detergent and water.

Scrub the door frame with a soft paper towel.

Thoroughly dry with a micro fiber cloth.

3. Attach the foam backing on the door frame. These foam backing are designed to protect the door frame from potential scratches caused by road vibration. Attach the foam backing as illustrated, ensuring that it overlaps the door sash, the door frame and the outer door frame weather stripping:

Front door frame template for foam backing installation.

Rear door frame template for foam backing installation.

Foam backing attached onto the front door frame.

Foam backing attached onto the rear door frame.

4. Remove the adhesive backing from the visors as pictured:

5. Install the brackets onto the visors as pictured:

6. Align the visor to the door frame. Make sure the visor is 1.5mm away from the door sash (i.e. the location where you attached the foam backing in step 3). Align the top edge of the visor where the adhesive is exactly with the top of the door frame edge. Once aligned, apply pressure onto the front and rear end of both front and rear visors – the area where you’ve removed the small strips of adhesive backing completely. Repeat for the rear visor:

7. Clip the visor brackets onto the metal door frame. Make sure the hook side of the bracket snaps into place. You may need to push aside the smaller inner weather stripping aside to expose the metal edge:

Clip the bracket onto the metal door frame.

Make sure the hooked side of the visor bracket snaps into the door frame edge.

Do this for both the front and rear door visors.

8. Make sure the visor brackets are securely in place and ensure that the inner rubber weather stripping is neither obstructing or out of position:

Reinstall the outer weather stripping by pushing it back into the door frame:

Repeat for both the front and rear door visors.

9. Remove the adhesive backing along the top of the visor.

If your door frames are cold, I recommend using a heat gun or blow drier to warm it up. If your car has been sitting in the sun and is already warm, this is process is not necessary.

As you remove the adhesive, apply pressure to the visor and the door frame. I recommend applying pressure in a rocking motion, pressing firmly against the top of the visor then pressing firmly towards the bottom of the visor. This ensure that the adhesive makes 100% contact with the door frame, leaving no room for unseen gaps – top or bottom.

Remove the adhesive backing 4 inches at a time to ensure proper installation and take your time. As you proceed with the install, look at the top edge and bottom edge of the visor – there should be no gaps:

Repeat this for both front and rear visors and repeat the entire instruction for the opposite side of the car.

10. The final installed product:

Window opened slightly, showing a clean gap running alongside the visor.

Low profile visors doesn’t create a distracting outer appearance for the Prius.

Where to Buy

There’s a couple of places to purchase these visors. I personally ordered them from Nigel JDM Parts.

Sigma Automotive – $175.00 + shipping

Nigel JDM Parts – $182.00 + shipping

eBay (Hokori Motors) – $242 free shipping

C-Parts – $100.00 (depends on current exchange rate) – $35-$45 shipping, handling, package forwarding

These OEM JDM Toyota side door visors are always on sale at the Rakuten Japanese market. The going rate is $100.00, ±$5.00 plus $35-$45 shipping, handling and forwarding (depending on who you buy it from). Still saving you at least $50.00 if you import it directly from Japan vs. buying it from importers. For instructions on how to import your own JDM parts from Japan, read my article DIY: How to buy and import JDM car parts directly from Japan.


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