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JDM DC5 power folding mirror, installed and tested (passenger side)

Today I had the rare opportunity to install and wire up the passenger side JDM DC5 power folding mirror. I’ve had these mirrors in my possession since early December 2009. The whole process took about 5 hours; at least 1 hour alone taking photos and note for the upcoming DIY.

The installation of the mirrors require a 3-step process:

  1. swap JDM mirror housing with USDM mirror housing
  2. removal of the door panel and OEM mirror
  3. wire up the folding feature.

There’s a 4th element in the process involving the rewiring of the heated mirror feature found in ’04-’06 USDM and all model CDM (Canadian) RSX’es, but that will be covered in a separate DIY.

When I set out to do this mod, I intended to keep everything as OEM as possible. My number one concern, as with all my other DIY guides, is avoiding the need to slice and splice OEM wires whenever possible. After today’s engagement, I am happy to inform you that not a single OEM wire was cut. Heck, not even a single JDM wire was cut! To do so, you need to remove the terminal joints (i.e. pigtails) from the OEM plugs and relocate them to the appropriate plugs.

I had to relocate the JDM folding arm and mirror actuator into the USDM housing. To do so without cutting the plugs require you to use a terminal joint removal tool. In my case, I used a paperclip and a micro flathead screwdriver. To keep things short, I depinned the terminal joints from the OEM mirror plug (5 wires; 3 motor movement wires and 2 defroster wire). I also depinned the terminal joints of the JDM mirror from its JDM plug (5 wires also; 3 motor movement wires and 2 power folding wires). I then swapped housing between the JDM mirror and the USDM mirror and inserted the 3 motor movement and 2 defroster wires into the 6-pin OEM mirror plug. Using an additional 2-pin female Honda plug, I inserted the remaining two wires for the power folding feature. The completed setup comprise of two plugs and 7 wires altogether.

I test wired the passenger side and confirmed that the wiring for the folding feature works. Stay tuned for a comprehensive DIY guide. For now, here’s some photos of my progress. I took over 100 photos in the span of this 5 hour install:

Completely disassembled JDM DC5 power folding mirror.

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