Balancing Act

Back in Business

The new year begins with a fresh start, and that means pushing out a more consistent flow of entries to my readers accompanied by a new template. Some folks mentioned the previous style utilize font size that were too small and others mentioned that I do not update often enough. I’ll start by finishing off my 2009 Sojourn series (I know, it has been a year!), completing some backlogged Great Eats entries and continuing the fuel economy analysis of the OEM stock air box versus an Injen cold air intake (CAI). So far, the results appears to be in favor of the OEM air box in terms of better MPG rating. As of now, I’m getting about 180-200 miles to the half tank with the OEM air box in place versus 150-168 with the CAI. I’ll have a more detailed analysis by the end of this week. For the sake of comparison, the maximum recorded miles driven with a CAI off a full tank of gas before the low fuel indicator light turned on was 340 miles, none road trip daily commute 75%:25% -> hwy:city.

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