Balancing Act

Reduced the neon tetra population down to two and added two gold-dust mollies

So I decided to trim the neon tetra population down to a mere two; yeah I know they swim in shoals, yeah I know that keeping just two increases their stress level, however they seem fine (for now). In their place, I’ve added two brightly colored gold-dust mollies. They have a nice glow to their iridescent gold color and they are active swimmers, instantly making them the stars of the Fluval Chi.

I also added a 1″ albino pleco to clean the sides of the tank. It assimilated with the community fairly quickly and had at it at the heater tube as soon as it was released into the tank. The shrimps are doing just as well, though they seek shelter in the artificial plant ornament most of the time during the day. They do come out when they smell food, i.e. feeding time for the fish. And when they do, they come out and warily forage for pieces of flake that made it to the gravel floor.

Have a festive and safe turkey day everyone! 🙂

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