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Found some fish fries in the Fluval

As I was observing my reclusive albino bristle-nose plecostomus in the Fluval Chi, I noticed a few peculiar dots lined slightly beneath the substrate and pressed against the glass. When I took a closer look, it became apparent that the dots are fish fries that were probably born quite recently. I looked around the gravel for more traces of fries…

Fluval Chi 6.6 up and running with zebra danios

Here’s a small update regarding the a side aquarium project that I’ve been working on. The aquarium is a Fluval Chi 6.6 gallon tank, measuring 10″x10″x16″. I chose this tank because of its minimalistic, yet all inclusive design. I think it’s great because it also incorporates feng shui elements into it, such as the “floating” filter/fountain combination system that sits…