Balancing Act

2012 Prius fog light comparison underway

I am going to test out three iteration of fog light variation for the 2012 Prius. I’ll test out a set of clear OEM-style fog lights with stock H11 55 watt halogen bulbs and then with a set of 7.5w LED H11 bulbs.

Secondly, I’ll apply a yellow Lamin-X film over the clear OEM-style fog lights and re-test them with stock 55w H11 halogen bulbs and then the 7.5w LED bulbs. Finally, I’ll test out the Nokya projector fog lights with and without the Lamin-X film. BTW I finally received the Nokya Projector LED fog lights from Tuner Depot after a 2 week delay. From what I’ve seen so far, they are high quality, heavy built and clean glass lens. I’ll probably add another entry to specifically review these LED fog lights.

7.5w LED H11 bulb

Throughout the tests, I’ll take photos of the different light outputs as well as how the different styled lamps look on the Prius for reference purpose. This project will span across approximately two weeks, contingent on my time. Of course with the different tests I’ll be conducting, I’ll have to switch bulbs back and forth, apply Lamin-X film a couple of time and swap the clear lamps with the Nokya projector lamps – a process that is time consuming since I do not have a private garage to work on my own leisure.

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