Balancing Act

Quick Update and What I’ve Been Up to

It has been a while since I posted an update to this blog, I have no other explanation other than that I’ve been extremely busy in all aspect of life: career, family, friends and relative’s weddings, showers, kids’ birthday, etc.

The good news is we are expecting a boy early October, our first baby. My wife is currently 19 weeks pregnant and all attention have been shifted to ensure she maintains a healthy life style and carry out a healthy pregnancy. We’re also starting to turn our second bedroom, which is currently my wife’s home office, into a Nintendo /Super Mario Brothers themed baby nursery. Here’s quick glimpse of what we’ve done so far:

Nintendo themed baby nursery

Our Nintendo themed baby nursery

Why Nintendo themed? Rather than being lazy and settle for the generic blue themed nursery, we wanted something unique, fun and personable that takes us back to our own childhood. We could’ve chosen a Disney theme, but we wanted something different. Nintendo characters are abundant and available in full spectrum of colors and personality. They are beloved by children (and adults) and are timeless classic, just like Disney characters.  We’ll be painting a baby blue accent wall in the next week or two, time willing. Still have a lot of rearranging and clean up to do.

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