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Painting a Mural in Our Baby’s Nursery – Part 2 Completion

After several weeks of labor and love, the Nintendo/Super Mario baby nursery mural is finally complete and I am actually happier with the result than I was anticipating:

Nintendo themed baby nursery mural featuring Bowser Jr.

Nintendo themed baby nursery mural featuring Bowser Jr.

This was my first time laying hand on paint and brush (days of yore during grade school doesn’t count) and I tackled a full size mural no less! I used Liquitex acrylic paints in 22 ml tubes mixed with Liquitex matte medium. Altogether, I’d say I used no more than 1/4 cup of pure paint to paint the details (Bowser Jr., pipe, sleeping Spiny and cloud). For the larger swath of backgrounds, I used four different half-pint paint color samples by Valspar and Sherwin-Williams. These paint samples were on sale for $1.00 each at the local Lowe’s. They were more than enough to do the job.

Let me know what you think. Full tour of the Nintendo themed baby nursery will be made available once everything is in place! Time lapse video of me painting the mural will also be available later.

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