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Valenti LED Tail Lights, Lamin-X Protective Films, DIY in the Works

Our 3rd generation Prius is approaching its 5th year anniversary and to commemorate, I decided to give it a minor exterior upgrade. Over this weekend, I’ll swap out the OEM double-hockey stick tail lights with a pair of brand new chrome red Valenti LED tail lights. I wanted to get the smoked chrome version, but I could not find them any where unless I wanted to fork out $600+ for them. Instead, I acquired a set of red chrome version for sub $300 and called it a day.

Valenti LED tail lights for 2010-2012 Toyota Prius, red chrome edition

I also ordered a set of gun smoke Lamin-X protective films to protect the tail lights and to replicate that smoke look. I also ordered a set of yellow Lamin-X protective fog light film for my Nokya LED fog lights. The glass lens on these lights, as thick and high quality as they are, are not invulnerable to rock debris. After close to 5 years of ownership, one of the lens finally succumb to a rock and cracked. It doesn’t look pretty but the lens is still intact. To prevent further damage, I’ll apply the yellow Lamin-X protective film over the surface. I’ve used Lamin-X in the past for my Acura RSX and temporarily for a set of cheap replica Prius fog lights early in 2012 before the Nokya upgrade. I have high respect the product and the brand.

Additionally, I’ve acquired a dashcam (finally!) – the F360+ rear view mirror mounted dual HD camera dashcam by Falcon Zero.

This means expect two new DIY guides, one for swapping out Prius tail lights and one for applying / installing Lamin-X protective film and a review article for the new Falcon Zero dashcam :). The same Prius is also approaching its 100,000th mile milestone and I have no intention to retire it as my daily commuter until it is well into its 300,000’s, or more. There’s no better way to enjoy life than enjoying life debt free.

Stay tuned Prius enthusiasts!

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