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iKAMAND by Kamado Joe – How to Update the Firmware

Immediately after the iKAMAND smart temperature controller and monitor was released, a new version of the firmware, 1.0.43, became available (released on April 26th 2018). This new firmware replaces version 1.0.38 that was shipped with the iKAMAND. This article walks you through the step on how to update the iKAMAND firmware so you can enjoy its latest features and fixes.

According to Kamado Joe, firmware 1.0.43 addresses the following:

  • Fix for bug when stoking while in Connect Mode and changing modes
  • 10 min stoke mode
  • Open lid algorithm change – better detection when cooking at low temps
  • Fixed bug when a probe is removed/plugged in causing temperature surges
  • Fixed bug when updating during a cook if device disconnects mid cook
  • LED won’t be solid blue until the iKamand is connected to the internet – agreement with Connect Mode instructions
  • New notification when iKamand probe is partially plugged in causing a short.

Updating the iKAMAND Firmware

To update the iKAMAND firmware, you’ll need to get to the “Manage Devices” option. You can get to this page by going to your profile setting by tapping on the profile icon located on the upper right corner of the iKAMAND app:

Updating the Kamado Joe iKAMAND firmware

Scroll to the bottom of your profile settings page, then tap on “Manage Devices:”

Updating the Kamado Joe iKAMAND firmware

Tap on the “Update” button:

Updating the Kamado Joe iKAMAND firmware

Once firmware update procedure is initiated, the iKAMAND LED will flash turquoise / teal for the duration of the update. The app indicates up to 20 minutes but from my experience, the update only took between 4~5 minutes top:

Updating the Kamado Joe iKAMAND firmware

Updating the Kamado Joe iKAMAND firmware

Once the update is completed, the iKAMAND will reboot itself. The update procedure is complete once the iKAMAND regains connection with your WiFi network and the LED remains solid blue.

The iKAMAND app will indicate completion of the update:

Updating the Kamado Joe iKAMAND firmware

And the new firmware version will appear:

Updating the Kamado Joe iKAMAND firmware

For the latest iKAMAND app and firmware update details and changes history, bookmark and review this official iKAMAND support page:

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