Balancing Act

Quick Front Yard Update

About 7 months ago, I started working on fixing our front yard. The work stopped due to hot summer temperature lasting up until late October. I was able to resume the work early November. Here is the result:

Compared to what the yard looked like back in mid-May 2019:

Front Yard – May 18, 2019

I essentially applied what I learned working on the backyard to the front yard. The front yard looks great so far, but it is still far from finished. Patches of the yard is bare due to birds eating the seeds during the re-seeding and watering period, so I will have to patch those bare areas up. There are also a lot of residual crabgrasses. I plan to have the tall fescue overcrowd and outcompete them out of existence. The front lawn will not be fully completed until at least mid-late January 2020. Once it is done, expect a full write-up about the process I employed to get our front yard as green as you see in the above teaser photo!

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