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Lamin-X Applied onto 2019 Hyundai Tucson Foglights

Decided to use this weekend to apply a pair of yellow Lamin-X protective film onto our 2019 Hyundai Tucson’s foglight lens. I ordered the Lamin-X film designed for the 2016-2018 Tucson models because the 2019-2020 are not available from Lamin-X. The fog light lens are different before and after the 2019 mid-cycle refresh. The 2016-2018 models have an combo DRL/foglight lens in one piece. The 2019-2020 models has a 1-piece design, but the DRL and the foglight lens are separated from one another and surrounded by a black plastic shroud. The combo lens is shorter and stockier compared to the elongated and narrow design of the pre-mid cycle refresh.

In order to apply the film, I had to use an Exacto utility knife to cut the pattern into shape so that it fits and applies onto the 2019 model fog light lens. What I did was apply the Lamin-X film completely over the foglight lens, apply pressure to ensure that it is installed, then used the knife to cut around the edges of the foglight lens. With minor trimmings around the sharp corners of the lens, I was able to cut the film to exact fitting. Check it out:

Next, I’ll re-order the same set of films from Lamin-X, but in blue tint. I’ll use this second set to apply on the hockey-stick DRL lens that sit right below the foglight lens. That’ll be another mini weekend project!

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