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Update: 2012+ 3rd gen Prius power folding mirror connector

In the quest for organization and to make mods appear as OEM as possible, I revisited the illuminated mirror switch project and ordered a male 16-pin mirror switch coupler and 15 corresponding male terminal pins from I’ve recently discovered that they opened up a Global Rakuten shop and ships to the U.S. Toyota consider most male connectors as “standard…

Upcoming JDM ZVW30 Prius projects

Just gave my colleague a shopping list of JDM Prius parts to pick up for me while he is on his short-noticed business trip to Japan. They include: Prius rear step guard Part #: 08475-47030 Interior console lid (black) Part #: 08471-47060-C0 Chrome plated door mirror covers Part #: 08409-47040 Interior door pocket illumination kit Part #: 08527-47050 or 08867-00230 Interior illumination kit…