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Upcoming JDM ZVW30 Prius projects

Just gave my colleague a shopping list of JDM Prius parts to pick up for me while he is on his short-noticed business trip to Japan. They include:

  • Prius rear step guard
    • Part #: 08475-47030
  • Interior console lid (black)
    • Part #: 08471-47060-C0
  • Chrome plated door mirror covers
    • Part #: 08409-47040
  • Interior door pocket illumination kit
    • Part #: 08527-47050 or 08867-00230
  • Interior illumination kit (2-mode type)
    • Part #: 08527-47040
  • Premium horn set
    • Part #: 08522-47010
  • Chrome plated rear garnish
    • Part #: 08409-47010
  • Chrome plated front bumper garnish
    • Part #: 08417-47010
  • Chrome plated grille garnish
    • Part #: 08423-47030

Total cost of the parts for the 2012 Prius, including a courtesy tip for my buddy: a little over US$900. For the Prius C, we’re picking up a set of JDM Toyota door visors for a price of US$120 (part #: 08611-52300) and a set of JDM Toyota deluxe half-seat covers, US$85 (part #: 08220-52A3). I probably won’t see the parts in another three weeks until my buddy returns.

Just in time to take our one week road trip next week! DIY guides for applicable parts will be available some time after.

Down the line, I’ll be blacking out the head lights and installing a set of Retro-Quik projector retrofit upgrades by the Retrofit Source at the same time. The complete plug-n-play kit costs US$300 and consists of projectors, mounting brackets and a premium HID kit. Probably won’t start the project until mid-fall since the day light still stretches into late 8PM early 9PM these days and use of my headlights are unnecessary.

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