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List of JDM and USDM genuine Toyota Prius ZVW30 part numbers

IMG_9185Don’t you just hate it when you spend a good amount of cash to import your JDM Toyota genuine Prius parts only to have the importer destroy the Toyota label that reveals the part number so they can maintain a monopoly and charge a premium to get you the part you’re after? Or even fellow enthusiasts who make up outlandish stories such as “I had my mom buy me the parts when she’s visiting [insert oversea Asian country]” so they can feel like they’re “one-off”? Well, I think all this is nonsense.

With the Internet making the global online market a flatter and more accessible place, information is readily available if you are willing to find it. My objective is to provide free information to other Prius enthusiasts out there and allow everyone the opportunity to save some cash by sourcing out the parts at a competitive price, rather than be subjected to pay a premium set price from a minority of importers. My DIY guides, another example, are written with source and price paid for the parts involved, plenty of details and photos so that any enthusiast can perform the DIY on their own instead of paying someone else to do it (if you lack the tool set or experience, I definitely advise that you appoint a qualified candidate to perform the install for you).

I’ve started building a list of genuine Toyota part numbers and descriptions for the 3rd gen Toyota ZVW30 Prius a while back when I first brought her home. I finally had time to go through all the notes I’ve taken, gathered, researched and organized them into a usable list. The list can be found here:

JDM and USDM Prius Accessories Part Numbers

I will expand the list to cover the Prius V (aka Prius Alpha) and Prius C (aka Aqua) once I am done organizing the list for the ZVW30 Prius.

Compiling the list is a lot of work and it will remain a work in progress. I’ll try to update it once a week. As you can see, I still have plenty of subsections to cover before I can even start expanding the list to cover the Prius V and Prius C.

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